I received my Propseirty Amulet-and LOVE IT! I'm "staying connected". -- K.F.

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Yoyodyne Industries (along with Brane-Power and UrthGame) strives to bring you the best in effective tools for eliminating stress, quieting the brain chatter, meditation and transformation.

Yoyodyne is the home of CQR technology. This is where it all started. Here you will find everything from Amulets to Super Beacons.

Brane-Power specializes in our amazing line of amulets. There you will find the complete line of amulets.

UrthGame (more commonly known by its name Prosperity Path) is our software division. There you will find amazing Orbs built to help you in many different ways. Definitely check it out. Each Orb is free. (You just pay the small download fee.) Why on Earth would we give away these games free? Well, we happen to be of the Bodhisattva inclination. These websites are all part of our on-going efforts to help bring about the liberation of all beings everywhere.

Our Main Offerings


E.J. Gold's SuperBeacon™ uses vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to recover and harmonize PUPs (Parallel Universe Personae) into the present HomeWorld, calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic, and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

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We have amulets dedicated to Astral Travel, Inner Radiance, Black Diode, Blessing, El Brujo, Peace, The Classic, Dimensional Shifter, DNA Activator, Fertility Amulet, Ghost Hunter, Gratitude, Harmony Balance, Healing Waters, Love Power, Pathfinder, Prosperity, Psycho Jammer, Quantum Coil, Quantum Witch, Quantum Wizard, Remote Reading, Slipstream, Tantric Star, Translator, UFO Firewall, Wormhole.

And that's not even the whole list.

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Inductions -- both verbal and music -- are excellent tools for voyaging. E.J.'s inductions are precise and magical. You are sure to find something here that will get you there.

Supplementary Catalog


In addition to the SuperBeacon™ Yoyodyne has a fine selection of additional CQR Boxes: Desktop CQR, Healer Helper, Tantric Box, and Super Protector.


Some of the artifacts that come out of the Atlantis excavations in the near future will be devices such as the ones that Yoyodyne is offering in our line of advanced CQR technology.


Yoyodyne is currently offering a half dozen generators: Comedy Generator, Demon Trap, Love Generator, Power Generator, Prosperity Generator, & Sleep Generator.

Astral Projection

Tools from Yoyodyne designed to make the impossible possible and the possible amazing.

Everything you need to get started with astral projection.

Trainer Matrix

A trainer is a composition of CQRs that works as a connecting device between yourself and the Matrix "mainframe". Using a trainer will probably lift you to the next level -- the trainer will work best if considered as an artifact and placed on an altar.

Einstein's Brain

Einstein's Brain is a tiny amuletic charm that opens you up to higher influences, and allows them to change you into a dedicated work person with special powers of thought, concentration and higher levels of energy. The idea is to get these into peoples' hands so the aliens can help humanity uplift itself from the soil and into the stars, where they belong.

Lucky Rodney

You can use your Lucky Rodney Amulet to find more rare coins of any denomination, but especially the U.S. quarter. When you feel the Lucky Streak, that's the time to engage in new business ventures, make new friends, travel and relax.

Useful Information

Hear about the experiences of our Yoyodyne users.
Introduction & History of the Beacon™
Look here for a brief history and introduction to the SuperBeacon™ -- written by E.J. Gold the creator of this amazing technology.
What is an Induction
Straightforward explanation of the use of inductions with The SuperBeacon & The Portable.
Ask Us Anything
Interested? Want more information? We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Everyone here uses the SuperBeacon™. We can speak from personal experience, personally experienced. You may use our contact form or call 800-869-0658 530-271-2239

Medical Disclaimer

The Crystal Quantum Radio. devices, Beacon™ and SuperBeacon™ are not intended for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any disease. It is strictly an Alpha-Theta focusing reinforcement, meditation-assisting aid for spiritual astral travel and expansion of consciousness into the realm of Spirit. No voltage of any kind is delivered to the body through the use of this device. Psychic sensitives are advised to proceed slowly as the spiritual effect may be surprisingly potent.