Peace Generator

Elevate your environment and embrace a daily sanctuary with our Peace Generator – a welcome addition for those seeking a touch of tranquility in their lives.

Demon Trap

This is a serious undertaking. If you have a demon bothering you it can be helpful. It is not a play toy. If you don't need it leave it alone. If you do need it . . . may peace be yours.

Love Generator

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, relationship love, love of our families and friends, love of our pets, gardens, neighbors, nature, the cosmos and beyond...whatever type of Love you wish to grow, this Melting Heart Generator will help & guide you in the process. Open your Heart, Open your Life.

Sleep Generator

The Sleep Generator will help with those nights when, who knows why but you're feeling restless, anxious and just can't pass over into dreamland. You will feel the calming effects of this magical little box and within a very short time you will be far away from any daily concerns and into a deep restful and peaceful healing sleep.

Prosperity Generator

The Prosperity Generator is a work of magic, not of science. Your kind heart and good karma will ultimately determine the outcome of its usage and effectiveness for you.

Power Generator

The Power Generator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to boost their personal power. It will help you stick to decisions you make and amplify your communication, attention and charisma.

Comedy Generator

Doing stand-up, sales, hosting, when could you not use a joke or two?

A sense of humor is one of your best life tools.