FAQ by Christiane Wolters, M.D.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

by Christiane Wolters, M.D.

Why all the excitement about Beta Blockers?

Good question.

People are excited about it because it WORKS FOR THEM. They are ?happier, get along better, are more relaxed, less stressed out, have more money, are able to voyage, able to voyage in groups. It makes sense: gain access to your alpha, delta and theta brain wave states and ... well, you have a better life, access your creativity, intuition, psychic abilities, live more harmoniously, start lucid dreaming, travel to other universes, start voyaging, have better jobs, suddenly can get things done they could not before and so on. ?Is that not something you want?

People are simply finding that those Beta Blockers do what is being said, even though the beta brain cannot put the science ducks all in a row in terms of understanding exactly HOW it works. All that radio-wave cancellation and nulling and so on is a bit much to understand ... but then, no one can REALLY understand quantum mechanics either.

This Beta Blocking stuff might be a bit like homeopathy, and then there is magic, the science of the future. Guess what would have happened if you had said in the middle ages it will be possible to travel to the moon, or you had a television set or radio? You would have been accused of witchcraft and burnt at the stake, no? That does not mean it does not work, does it?

Do Beta Blockers work for everyone?

They work for anyone who is willing to go through the door they open. One good thing is that you cannot push anyone to go there against their will, like some used to do by putting drugs in people's drinks without them knowing about it. No, this is gentle and does require your cooperation and willingness. You remain in the driver's seat

What about Parallel Universes?

Science is postulating (and the math makes sense, I am told) that there are INFINITE universes ...

and that the 11th dimension is unimaginably close to us, essentially confirming what mystics and clairvoyants and others have known and said for a long, long time: there are other realities besides this one going on right now. Have you not wondered how you were supposed to create your reality in this universe ... when there are sooo many others creating it in there at the same time? ... It just never made sense, even if one managed not to have a guilt trip going because of inability to create reality the way one wanted it, or at least imagined wanted it.

Now that is it: it's another universe you go to: wow, now it makes sense that it should be possible to go to a reality that is more like the one you wanted. (Ed. note: For more on parallel universes, see E.J. Gold's book, Parallel Worlds Explored.)

This all is making sense.

It suddenly makes sense what I have been convinced of anyway because I could feel it: that I am living in another life at the same time as this one.

I know this when I go back to a certain choice point and I can FEEL how it would be if I had made a different choice there.? It also now makes sense what I have learned: what I do for this character here, what I learn ... will affect all my past life selves: duh, they are not past, they are simply in another universe. My individuated divine essence self, or essential self, is the same and inhabits all those selves and partakes in one way or another in those existences.

There is a reciprocity there ... and if a major shift occurs here, now ... it will transmit, through consciousness, into the life of all other selves.

What does all this Beta Blocking stuff have to do with this new parallel world paradigm?

It gives people access to those realities. For one, Beta Blockers allow easy access to non-beta brain wave states, and people want that.

It changes your life to be able to live from another state ... and it makes shifts into parallel universes easy and available in a way not before experienced.

The Beacon? especially is designed to access parallel universes.

What about the Beacon?? What does it do?

The uses of the Beacon? are many. It can be used simply to relax out of beta during a stressed day. Just sit with it for a few minutes and notice what happens. Its main purpose is to contact and integrate parallel world personae, or PUPs. It has worked without the induction CD for me, but generally I use the induction. This process is quite amazing. And people ?WANT this, they have been waiting for this and they are ready. It is time now to do this work.

You learn stuff, you voyage, you integrate and you start feeling yourself get bigger in a non-inflated kind of way. It's more like a subtle feeling, knowing consciously you ARE also all these other reality selves at the same time as you are this one. Maybe you could call it essential self-confidence. And you gain access to all those personae

There are other uses, such as group voyaging and healing, but they are more advanced uses.

Is this PUP connection like therapy for trauma in this life?

No, the PUP connection and integration is not about working with trauma in this life. That is a different branch of Beacon? work when you work with hot spots. *

Is the PUP the same as the Chronic?

Emphatically not. PUP is a parallel universe persona. In Beacon? work, you connect with and integrate your parallel world personae. You might even say they each have their own chronic :) (Ed. note: "The Chronic" is a term used in E.J. Gold's book, The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus, to refer to an individual's unique defense mechanism against the waking state.)

What does the name Brane-Power come from?

Brane is short for the membranes that make up the parallel universes. And power: that's what happens when you start being able to travel there. You inevitably feel bigger and more powerful. It's not like the conventional brute power, it's a different kind of power.

Which Beta Blocker is the right one for me?

This is an individual choice. You can't really go wrong. My philosophy is this: look at the images and sense/feel which one yourself responds the most: that is the one to get. Say your mind says you need the prosperity ammy, but your inner being responds the most to the spiral amulet - you just love it: then go with that. When you love something, you open up and it will do its work. Regarding the Beacon? you will find a way to do Beacon? work when the inner calling is strong enough.

Are Beta Blockers suitable for children?

As long as your child is old enough to responsibly wear jewelry, yes, absolutely.

How do I clean my Beacon controllers between uses?

Energetically, the crystal controllers self clean when connected to the Super Beacon?. As far as basic sweat and dirt, wipe them off as you would do with a door knob. You may use a little alcohol on a cloth. You can expose them to the ?sun if you wish, or do your favorite cleansing ritual, if that feels right to you. Do not put them into water.

I gave someone my amulet to wear, is it still effective?

The amulet works as long as the circuit is intact, no matter who has worn it. If for some reason the crystals got very scratched, you can send your amulet in for crystal replacement and bezel cleaning for a small fee: it'll look like new.

What do other people say about this, the Beta Blockers?

I had a great Beta Blocker experience at the chiropractor's today. I wore the Black Diode Ammy and showed it to the doctor. I told him about the good fortune I had within days of wearing it, and that I created a great new job making animated wire-formed dragonflies because of it. We ended up talking most of the visit. He was excited and suddenly offered to exchange the next chiropractor visit ,"or two", for one of my dragonfly pieces, sight unseen!! The transaction was effortless, and I left the office feeling far better than normal from the chiro adjustment. -- R.C., Nelson, BC, Canada?

The effect of the Spiral Amulet Beta Blocker was very noticeable in the? beginning:

- The first night I slept with it and I had a lucid dreaming.

- Some coincidences happened, or I noticed them better, one of them was: "I had to address a question to the administration bureau of my school, but somehow I didn't want to start the conversation. The next day I entered in the administration bureau and they were arguing right on the subject I want to ask about. - The first time I took off the Spiral ammy after wearing it one day was clearly outlined what it was blocking: the inner speech, that I know quite well, enhancing with imaginary stories the deeds of that guy "Jorge". -- J.P., Portugal

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Black Diode Ammy 2 weeks ago, and I have been using it every day since then, with incredible results! Being a Theta Healing Practitioner, using mostly theta and delta brainwaves through a meditation technique, I have found that whenever I wear the Black Diode Ammy, my connection with the Divine is crystal clear, which is a huge bonus and advantage. -- B.N., Norway?

People are saying that the Schumann Harmonic is not valid.

From Brane-Power® founder E.J. Gold:

Debunking the rumors about Schumann currently making the scene -- it's always a question of money. Want proof that it's a bunch of urban legend and marketing? I won't bother to dignify the garbage ... here's a link to someone who has some honest answers to a very bizarre claim made by people who want to sell you a book.

Don't let's have any more of that, please. The frigging Schumann is the same, the speed of light hasn't changed over the past 14.5 billion years, and the circumference of the Earth hasn't changed much ... the magnetosphere certainly has, and does, with every solar cycle, and what's more, it has done so for billions of years without anyone feeling the need to sell yet another pseudo-science paperback to fearful readers.