What is an Induction?

Induction simply means to allow oneself to be drawn in.

It happens all the time, with every movie you watch, game you watch or play, tv gameshow you hoot, snarl and gnash your teeth over, every soap opera that jerks tears out of your red, swollen eyes.

You allow yourself to be drawn into theatrical plays, comic performances, ballet, opera -- every form of entertainment requires some level of voluntary personal involvement, and that's what's meant by "induction". It's all under your control -- you have to actually work pretty hard to get inducted and even harder to stay in the induction.

My inductions all work the same way. I merely suggest a route to follow; whether you do or not is entirely up to you. Guidance without insistence, I allow you to make decisions all along the way, and to operate and control your own trip throughout the journey.

At the same time, you'll be going along a very established route that has been traveled by thousands before you.

The Inductions will take you from point to point along the Highway to Higher Consciousness. At each stop, you'll experience the equivalent of a Chaikana, a Tea House & Shrine at which you would have stopped as a member of an ancient caravan along the Silk Road Trade Route.

Each Caravanserai Chaikana has its own Master of Caravans and its own Shrine, at which every visitor is expected to visit, not only for blessings but also for a Paper of Passage, allowing one to continue through the tribal territory to the next Caravanserai along the route.

In the same way that there are stops along the caravan trade routes, each Induction provides the basis for the next, and serves as a stopping place to rest, evaluate, assimilate and prepare for the furtherance of our journey.

Inductions are easy and fun, and you can, at any moment, take off the headphones and go get a cup of hot tea and come back to it refreshed.

There's no way to do it wrong.


You'll know.

Core Beacon Induction CDs

Reach deep meditative states quickly. Access and integrate parallel world selves. Access talents and abilities you didn't know you had. More >>>

Daily Practice Induction

Many folks have requested an induction that they can use when not running PuPs or Advanced Training. This induction can be used 24/7/365, with the Beacon. or Super Beacon.. Psychic Intrusion Protection is strongest in the Super Beacon., of course. You can use this induction anytime day or night, as often as you wish, for as long a session as you want. It has unlimited usage and will produce some amazing spirit and psychic results!

Dream Walker Induction

To be used with the Infinity Charger and Infinity Chips, this induction brings Extremely Lucid Dreams, which can then be entered into your Dream Journal. Also can be used with your Beacon™, Super Beacon™ and Portable Beacon™. Must be used while lying on back on a bed, futon, yoga mat, or recliner chair. Can be used anytime as often as desired.

Music & more

E.J. Gold recommends several Cloister Recordings CDs for beta-blocking meditations, including I Can Free You, Ritual of the Cave ... More >>>

Prosperity Induction

If you are using my Prosperity CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet, you might want to kick it up a notch or two with my newest release, the Prosperity Path Induction, which is intended to be used when wearing the Prosperity Amulet.

It's just a few minutes a day and it will certainly bring you closer to a prosperity track. A track is the path your essential self makes as it works its way through the space-time Continuums which form your "life" as you travel from brane to brane.

Relaxation Induction

This is a simple relaxation stressbuster induction, to be used anytime you need to relax. When the spirit is at rest, the mind, emotions and body can also release tensions. Can be used anytime.

Restorative Induction

This energy restoration induction is intended to build psychic spiritual energy back up to the fullest level possible. It is a rapid induction that takes only a few moments to bring to power. Use it whenever necessary.

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Zen Flute Inductions

The Zen Flute is a form of wordless inductions. Check these resources for info .... More >>>

Brane Power Meditation Inductions

Relaxation, Worry, Self-esteem, Prosperity, True Love, Energizer, Wellness, Lucid Dreaming, Inner Beauty, Psychic Self-Defense, Spirit Guide More >>>