DreamWalker Induction CD by Brane-Power® Founder E.J. Gold for use with the Beacon™, the Super Beacon™ and the Portable Super Beacon™

Dream Walker Induction CD

Vocals & Music by E.J. Gold

One Hour Induction (cdm403)

Price: $16.97

(mp3) $9.97

To be used with the Infinity Charger and Infinity Chips, this induction brings Extremely Lucid Dreams, which can then be entered into your Dream Journal. Also can be used with your Beacon™, Super Beacon™ and Portable Beacon™. Must be used while lying on back on a bed, futon, yoga mat, or recliner chair. Can be used anytime as often as desired.

By popular request, the founder of Brane-Power® has created (and reads for you) DreamWalker inductions you can use with your Beacon™, Super Beacon™ and Portable Super Beacon™.

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What People are Saying ...

"I used the Daily Practice Induction with my Super Beacon™ for the first time last night just before going to sleep. I had the most incredible, multi-level (in more ways than one), dream I have ever remembered, which ended with watching the spirit of a little girl leave her body. I am looking forward to tonight!" -- Joyce G., Montreal

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