Do you believe in luck?

Lucky Rodney Amulet in solid sterling silver bezel

Luck Happens in Streaks

Once you have an INDICATOR of a Lucky Streak, it's time to work it until the streak gives out, like working a gold ledge in a mine.

Luck is Magnetic in Nature

Luck attracts luck

My luck has produced a $15 million dollar lottery win for my mother, who was wearing my Lucky Amulet when she hit the California Big Spin.

Luck Rubs Off

Luckiest Coin in the World

Your coin resembles the World's Luckiest Coin with one exception, the mint error. It is otherwise exactly similar, and enjoys two of the most powerful forces known -- the Law of Similarity & the Law of Contagion.

You can use your Lucky Rodney Amulet to find more rare coins of any denomination, but especially the U.S. quarter. When you feel the Lucky Streak, that's the time to engage in new business ventures, make new friends, travel and relax.

Lucky Rodney in Capsule

Price: $10

Lucky Rodney Amulet in Sterling Silver Bezel

Price: $39.95

Lucky Rodney Amulet in Silver Rope Bezel

Price: $89.95

Health is a Luck Issue

If you don’t already know that Health is a Luck Issue, you’re probably waist-deep in the Big Muddy — you need to get some wisdom, and fast. The stone cold fact is that, without LUCK, the Best Medicine in the World won’t cure.

Ask any real healer. Without LUCK, nothing works.

If you’re a gambler, you know about luck, and you certainly know by n"ow that luck happens in streaks, called "lucky streaks".

I don’t care how lucky you are already — my Lucky Rodney will make you even luckier. Send one to a friend who is down on their luck, and DON’T TELL THEM WHAT IT IS. Watch the amazing results!

The Lucky Rodney is a NORMAL 1999-P Delaware U.S. Quarter Dollar that is related BY TOUCH to my Million Dollar Caesar Rodney Quarter, which is NOT for sale and never will be for sale. I touch each Lucky Rodney to my Caesar Rodney Quarter, and hopefully the luck will rub off on you, as it has on thousands of others.

Caesar Rodney rode on horseback for 80 miles one stormy night to arrive just in time to cast the deciding vote and add his signature to the Declaration of Independence. His was the Deciding Vote. If not for his ride, there would be no United States today. Besides the historical significance of this coin, the one I founvd defied the odds by billions to one.

That coin is never for sale, but it CAN hopefully generate luck for you. The luck rubs off onto the coin that you receive, when your "Lucky Rodney" coin is touched to the Master "Luckiest Rodney" Coin — arguably the rarest modern coin ever discovered — which is under my protection, and is properly enshrined, and protected from harm.

If you’re going to give in to superstition anyway, by buying and wearing or carrying a Lucky Charm, Lucky Fetish, Lucky Amulet, Lucky Talisman or Lucky Relic like a rabbit’s foot, you might as well get the best there is, the Lucky Rodney, generated from the original Lucky Rodney by Direct Touch.

May Good Fortune Smile Upon You!
— E.J. Gold, writer for
The Dangerous Times Times