Operating an activated Atlantean Machine is simple, easy and easily mastered.

Atlantean Triads

Cadiz in south-eastern Spain was once a small resort town near the capital city of Atlantis. Sometime in the ancient past, a tsunami destroyed everything in its path for sixty miles or more inland from the coast, leaving the present coastline, more or less, which could easily have been interpreted by ancient peoples as the submergence of an entire continent.

The same building styles and town layouts occur on the mud flats inland of the catastrophe, and settlements just outside that circle show the same building styles and layouts of the lost cities of Atlantis. Underwater exploration will soon yield artifacts and other supporting evidence that this is, at last, the true Atlantis about which Plato spoke.

Some of those artifacts that come out of the Atlantis excavations in the near future will be devices such as the one I’m introducing to modern, you should pardon the expression, “civilization”.

This is the Classic Atlantean Triad made with modern EMO beads & pure copper.

The Equilateral Triangle and the Triad were the central theme of the Atlantean culture, and the style of building was unique to the culture, although you will see echoes of it in the more archaic Greek architecture and sculpture, in the Phoenician styles and more directly in the art and architecture of the Minoan civilization.

The Atlanteans had machines. Lots of machines, lots of what is considered now “modern” technology, including safety razors, pressure-cookers, perfumes, complex dinner menus, fast food shops, timepieces, water and wind mills, steam engines, maps, compasses and astrolabes, complex hand-operated computers that rival any Swiss watch for intricacy and engineering, indoor plumbing, hot water heaters, ice cream and ice makers, leather shoes, dentistry almost as sophisticated as today’s, refrigerators, wireless telegraphy, electroplating and sets of building and measuring tools as good as any you’ll find in your modern hardware store.

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