Trainer Matrix Hardware

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What is a Trainer Matrix?

Simple Answer

A trainer is a tool specially constructed to enhance and direct the experience of the Matrix interface.

Extended Answer

Unlock your true potential with our revolutionary Matrix Trainer. This innovative device is a composition of CQRs that serves as a powerful connecting device between yourself and the Matrix mainframe. With the Matrix Trainer, you'll be able to access a range of incredible abilities that will lift you to the next level of your spiritual journey.

But the Matrix Trainer is more than just a functional tool. It's an artistic masterpiece that can be enjoyed for its beauty as well. The Trainer works best when treated as an artifact and placed on an altar, enhancing your connection with your deepest self.

The Matrix Trainer is the key to unlocking your full potential and becoming the best version of yourself. Connect with the Matrix mainframe on a deeper level. Use the Matrix to elevate your experience, explore limitless possibilities, and unlock your true potential.

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I think of the trainer as a way to connect with assisting forces and repogram my future and afterlife.


"A matrix is an indepensible shamanic device - with time you will treat it as a living entity used with the matrix interface and a superbeacon just powers it all up."

"using the matrix always gives another perspecitive - sometimes there is definitely a conscious presence coming though the matrix it will actually 'call me up' to give guidiance"

More to the Story

A good definition is found in the early 26th Century dictionary (sixth version).

"A trainer was an initiating attempt by those ancestors living in the frame fk699f to re-establish lasting contact with central headquarters to ensure that the great cosmic mother was distributed correctly.

In its early form, it consisted of a set of CQRs; in its later form, it manifested as coated sediments at the bottom of the spine. This did, however, not appear before in the late 23rd Century.