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Protector Amulet

Price: $175

For paranormal protection.

Creeped Out by Paranormals?

by Brane-Power® founder, E.J. Gold

Under psychic attack? Ghosts in your room at night? Troubled Spirits walking your hallway? Paranormal Activity in your kitchen? Spooky Spirit Manifestations bothering your guests and upsetting your kids?


At last the Ultimate in Paranormal Protection!!! Place the PROTECTOR anywhere in the home, carry it with you everywhere! Developed by E.J. Gold for the professional psychic investigator, private home & personal use.

The TOROID PROTECTOR is the Ultimate in Ghost-Chasers and Spooky Paranormal Activity Dispels! Great for the Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Busting Pros!!!

Pocket-Size Protector Range = 16 feet radius
Wearable Protector Range = 16 feet radius
SuperProtector Range = 1/4 mile radius!

What People are Saying ...

"Thank you thank you thank you. I've been uneasy since moving into our new / old brownstone. Now with my Protector Amulet, it's been a solid week of relaxed, steady ease." -- Veronica E., Detroit, MI

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