Amulet Attributes

Major attributes of this amulet include: Empowerment, Confidence, Clarity, Presence, Skill, Flexibility, Connection Higher Power, Flow, Grace, Compassion, Capacity, Sensing, Intuition, Healing, Overcoming Fear, Courage, Wisdom, Awakening, Inner Radiance, Prosperity, Joy, Happiness

Women's Empowerment

Price: $225.00

Maybe you are a woman, or you have a woman in your life, a partner, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother or a friend you want to give a message to. This amulet invokes, facilitates and reminds you of the power to be your true, authentic self, courageous, free, confident, empowered and ready for true partnership and co-creation. Leave behind any and all old stories and maladaptive beliefs that no longer serve any true purpose and only hold you back. Realizing your true nature, let your light shine, fully and completely.

Is it not amazing to support the women in your life this way?

It is not about having the same rights as men in an old and dysfunctional system. It is about growing into the divine form of woman and the power that that means. It is time for women's empowerment on this planet, for the benefit and healing of each woman, the world and all sentient beings.

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