Custom Amulets

Co-Create Your VERY Own Custom Amulet

Price: $500

What Attributes Are Important To You?

Send me 3 to 5 attributes that are important to you and I will create a custom amulet specifically for you.

Your custom amulet is encased in German watch crystals and framed by a sterling silver braided rope bezel with bail.

"I've had my Custom Amulet 6 months. I asked for Creativity, Fearlessness, Humor and Peacefulness. I feel that I received everything for which I asked. I have been wearing my Amulet every day and every day things seem to be getting better and better. I have become more satisfied with my life and myself. I am so much happier now. I do have other Amulets too and I really like them as well but I really have connected with my Custom Amulet." ~ I.O.

"My name for my amulet is 'The Ally". The first time I put it on, I felt an immediate shift into a shimmering awareness and sense of deeper connection to the field of Life. My old reality seemed to collapse and new possibilities and choices materialized almost instantly. Over time, it has helped me clear old identity patterns connected to past traumas, injuries and unconscious emotional conditioning, while strengthening my natural gifts of creativity, kindness and playfulness. I don't leave home without it." ~ T.M.

"My custom amulet is by far my favorite, and has opened up new depths of exploration. When I wore the amulet for the first time I noticed a variety of new sensations in the chest area. Over the next few days all aspects my life began to abruptly change, as though I was undergoing some kind of shift. I strongly suspect this was due to the influence of the custom amulet. I would advise buyers to choose their custom attributes carefully . it might be rather surprising to get what you ask for!" ~ A.B.