Arrays of CQR™ Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets

woman's torso showing an array of amulets

Which amulets go together?

The question has often been asked: "How can I tell which amulets would work well together?"

Not all of the amulets have the same attributes and I want to have as many attributes as I can and so I wear and carry as many amulets as I can. They increase my energy, calm my mind and mood. Help me focus. I find it different from carrying them to wearing them. They seem much more potent around my neck than in my bag or pocket.

In the abstract this is a difficult question. There are so many different amulets with millions of different possible combinations. However, as with many things, when you take the question out of the abstract and make it practical the answers come much easier. If the above question is modified slightly suddenly the answers become much more obvious. "How can I tell which amulets would work well together for me?"

woman's torso showing an array of amulets

First start by getting a feel for which amulets you'd like to wear at all -- in combination or alone. Then once you have some idea of which amulets you specifically are attracted to, look at the possible combinations you can make with those amulets. After you have a trial combination, ask yourself the following two questions: 1) Is there something missing from this combination that another amulet could satisfy? 2) Is there some aspect of this combination that would be better eliminated?

We can easily help you find amulets that share some attributes and not others. Mixing and matching in this way it is possible to add attributes or remove attributes while maintaining the primary aspects that you want to keep in the combination.

As you can see, in print and in the abstract, this is all a bit confusing. However, the moment you start to actually assemble a potential combination for yourself it all becomes very real and things will start to just fall into place -- and besides we have several very experienced folks that will be more than happy to help you with any phase of this process.

Think about Calcium and Vitamin C

When looking at the question of what happens when you wear multiple amulets it might help to consider Vitamin C and Calcium in particular.

Mark McGibbon showing his array of amulets

Calcium and Vitamin C are both good things to add to your diet. In fact, if you do not have enough of each of these it can be a problem. So including both is a good thing.

In the same way, having several amulets can be a good thing. But, it goes further. As you may know, Vitamin C helps to absorb Calcium. Which means that if you take some Vitamin C at the same time as you take a Calcium supplement, then more of the Calcium is taken into the body in a usable form.

This can happen with the amulets as well. Sometimes the presence of one amulet will assist in the effective use of another amulet. So, when you wear multiple amulets you can get added benefit beyond the simple addition of each amulet. This synergistic effect is often summarized by "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."

It's an Individual Thing

Of course, you are the one that knows best. Have you looked at the charts at all?

These days my array consists of my Double Black Diode, Quantum Witch and Quantum Wizard. I wear my Level 12 on the inside and my other amulets in a bag either around my waist or neck. I can't say exactly why except that it feels correct for those three to hang together.

I can't say exactly why except that it feels correct for those three to hang together.

I have tried a 5 amulet array and although I like it I seems to be too much for on-lookers.

That consisted of the above 3, a Prosperity and a Love Power. I will get the Norton Street Amulet when it is available and depending on what it looks like I will add it somewhere.

Ah, so much to be grateful for ....