Twin Phase Turbo Beta Blocker Amulet

TWIN PHASE TURBO Brane-Power Amulet

by E.J. Gold

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Super-powerful Twin Phase Turbo Beta Blocker Amulet made with Black Diode, set in a Sterling Silver, quarter-sized bezel, ready to hang on cord or chain. Can be used as an assist with the Beacon Automapper.

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E.J. Gold on the Twin Phase Turbo

In the course of my experiments with wearable Beta Blockers as suggested by Denise Wey, I have managed to find dozens of dead ends and made hundreds of wrong turns, but among them all, I stumbled on a few good solutions, one of which is the Twin Turbo.

The Twin Turbo utilizes the Black Diode, of which I now have a good quantity thanks to a friend in Japan, but it differs greatly from the Black Diode Amulet in that it lacks a coil and the weight and size of the Real Rope twisted wire bezel.

The Twin Turbo is not intended as a substitute for the Black Diode Ammy. It has great properties, but make no mistake -- the Black Diode Amulet it is not.

What the Twin Turbo is good for is a bigger and better Alpha-Theta psychic-intuitive jolt than the standard quarter-sized Beta Blocker amulet. It has some additional features and is slightly harder to make.

One radical difference; the standard quarter-sized Beta Blocker Amulet comes in a .925 sterling silver coin-edged mounting. That means it's made of 92.5% silver.

The Twin Turbo is housed in a Sterling Silver mounting.

What exactly is the Twin Turbo good for? My guess is that it's just a few levels below that of the Black Diode, but if you can swing the Black Diode, that'd be my choice of interdimensional tools.

I'm asking that folks send me a report on how it helps them after a week of continuous wear (some folks wear them to bed, but I myself would prefer to place it on a nearby table when retiring).

The Twin Turbo is, I'm told, very useful in Lucid Dreaming, as is the more powerful Black Diode Ammy. For more information and wholesale pricing about Lucid Dreaming, visit my website Dream Lucid -- I'll be updating it often.