Touch of Grey Alien Amulet

Price: $375

If you liked Close Encounters and Men in Black, then this amulet might be for you.

Touch of Grey Alien Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet, set in .925 Sterling Silver, hand-braided, real-rope bezel.

E.J. Gold's Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

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What People are Saying ...

"I really am in touch with my Macro Self with this Grey Alien ... it is true that I am a humungous being squeezed down into this skin ... I want to know and understand more and think I can, working with this amulet. Thank you, Brane-Power." -- Q.H., Boulder, CO

"It's working in accordance with whatever stage of development I'm ready for. It doesn't catapult me into foreign territory like Salvia or a ticket to China could do. I remember the first six months when there was virtually no effect, I wasn't happy. Now I get wrapped up in the warm, fuzzy, soundless buzz that shuts me up and lays me down to be unwound. Buy for you if it's hard to sit still long time.

"I used to be wary of being helped, overwhelming myself with distracting information, Judging my ami's and measure their strengths. Now I simply hold it and watch the lights go, my body stops, I start 2 know 'cause all those mystic mysteries I've read about are coming true. 'Just wait a little bit and I can show you the laser strange-finder crazy light-guidance activating system-qi.' It tells me. 'I dunno, I have to go, they didn't teach me about that in school.'

Seriously though, at the very least with the Touch of the Grey Alien amulet (TOGA) you can meet more people, and if you feel like conversation and being noticed that's cool because it helps with that I<>I .

"I do the French Drop in-between sittings. It's fun and the 'beta-block' is very noticeable (in like a minute). And if you forget what you're doing while you're doing it, you could see some pretty neat things. The after-effects are like sex. Nice to have before entering a creative session on your instrument or riding the monorail to work or whatever you have to do. Puts me in touch with my inner mage. Now if I can replace the mental command-implant prompting me to eat a donut with the French Drop action instead, I'm golden! Wait, I just figured it out. Nevermind, first I need a time out. -- M.C., Toronto

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