Remote Reading Amulet Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™

Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™

Remote Reading Amulet

Price: $375

Made in the USA

The short description for what this amulet does is simply: "It helps with remote reading."

A much more indepth presentation on remote reading can be found in two blogs:

  • Why Should I Remote Read?
    • In a word, it leads to Astral Projection. If you've consistently failed to Astral Project, you need to read my short list of Why you MUST learn Astral Projection sometime during THIS lifetime. Don't wait until you are FORCED to leave the body to learn this important Essence Skill.
    • But why should I Astral Project? Continue Reading
  • Secrets of Remote Reading & Viewing
    • "Remote Reading", otherwise known as "Remote Viewing", is where you merely look at something and report what you see. Remote Viewing does not involve the movement of any mass in space or time, and exists entirely apart from the realm of the Einsteinian Newtonian Universe. Continue Reading

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