Portal Beta Blocker Amulet in Sterling Silver bezel

Portal Amulet

Price: $275

The PORTAL CQR Crystal Quantum Radio beta blocker amulet opens portals.

Portal Beta Blocker Amulet, set in Sterling Silver dollar-sized bezel, ready to hang on cord or chain. NOTE: Chain is not included. The Portal Amulet capacitors come in assorted shades of blue.

Available in gold: Contact us about getting the Portal Amulet in gold fill, 14k gold coin-edge and hand-braided bezels. Prices are based on the current gold market and will vary from day to day.

What People are Saying ...

"Wore the Portal Ammy into the City and we not only got a parking place right in front of the building where our craft fair was being held -- unheard of in NYC -- but we were also inexplicably helped out to use the Restricted Elevator, when other crafters were made to take 8 flights of stairs!" -- G.A., New Paltz, NY

This is an incredible creation ... I felt it right away. The Portal Amulet easily opens portals to other dimensions. It is especially useful for Shamanic Voyaging. -- Koyote, Riverside, CA

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