Pathfinder Amulet

Price: $175.00

The Pathfinder Amulet was made for these times of constant distraction, pollution and toxic influences of all kinds, and vampiristic predatory tentacles coming to you from all sides trying to steal your attention and well being, your very core sanity and joy.

Take this one powerful protector amulet with you wherever you go.

This amulet is like a pathfinder to your Inner Light Presence, the deep eternal being at the core of yourself, the most powerful force in your life that only wants what is best for you. The protective effects are phenomenal. Invoke this in yourself.

The Pathfinder Amulet lowers resistance to recognizing your core light, the source of your being force. Reconnect to the divine and eternal, the source presence of who you are, thus bringing awareness, presence and heart centeredness. It opens up powerful intuition as well as the ability to hear its often tiny whisperings. It cuts through fears and habits, making them obsolete and irrelevant and they will stop having control over you. It has an incredibly centering-grounding effect and invokes a confidence, presence and ability to own the space you are in without having to control it.

Move swiftly, confidently, guided by divine intelligence and making divinely guided choices for your life. Centered in that Inner Light, you have the power to control your disposition and emotional state. Your Inner Light is your new North Star and becomes your greatest protector against any and all lower vibrational and toxic expressions around you. No longer do you feel compelled to give away control of how you feel and act to others. You are free.

Whatever happens, this inner force makes it possible to allow whatever disruptive vibration to percolate through without hurting you or causing harm. You are guided by your deepest values and most powerful presence, focused on your mission and path, not distractions that do not serve your and humanity's highest good. You make wise decisions guided by compassion and skillful means are something you will acquire if needed. You are protected wherever you are.

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