Picture above is of the handmade woven rope sterling silver bezel, with German watch crystals.

Norton Street Amulet

Price: $425.00

Accessing the waking state and realizing the nature of Being - if that is something you are interested in, if you want to live your life with knowing - and know who you really are - then this is the amulet for you.

This amulet facilitates slipping into the waking state, helps make the waking state stick, make the transitions smooth and easy on the body-mind. If you are reading this, you most likely already know that you are not "just" a body. This amulet might very well lead to "interesting" perceptions and sensations. It helps you focus and remember the essential - the innermost being and nature of reality.

It possibly is the most esoteric of all the amulets Yoyodyne is offering.This one is about being awake, to realize what is meant by: to be in this world, but not of it, to realize the truth about this: I had nothing but myself with which to make this world - AND helps to bear it.

Creation, Space - what is reality - dream up anything and at least for a while, it becomes real - what is all this? - The Norton Street amulet is about all that.

There is an entire video series about it also, of which the below is just one episode.

But I can't really express it better than Mick, through whose passion the Norton Street amulet came about and whose passion for Norton Street speaks here:

"Want to achieve the waking state but don't know how? Now you can do it easily, painlessly (almost), in the comfort of your own home. Just watch a few minisodes of Norton Street each day. Don't worry, you'll never get bored because you won't remember what you've just seen. Well, only vaguely, but it will all come back to you, not one word forgotten, when you really need it. Didn't you come to earth to achieve something this lifetime? Well, sadhana never got any easier than this. Just watch a few almost painless machinima minisodes each day. Pretty soon you and your friends will be sitting around in the highest dimension, wondering what you were afraid of all this time. Yeah, it sucks up there, but you know you really should do it and if not now, when??? It really doesn't get any easier than this, thanks to the waking state guru, the inimitable Mr. E. J. Gold. Jai gurudev!!! -- Mick P, Baltimore, MD

The Norton Street Amulet is the Waking State Amulet.

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