The Master Builder's Amulet

Price: $325

This amulet was especially designed by E.J. Gold to aid in the process of becoming a Master Builder. Master Building is a multi-layer, multidimensional skill requiring many skills - attention, presence, ability to cooperate (from being able to follow instructions precisely to bringing together a group to work on a project that requires a team), proper movement, vision, number stacking, geometry, or, in short, knowledge of how to use the needed tools in whatever you are building to completion on a masterful level - be it objects, a tiny house, a palace, sculptures, jewelry, a garden, a family, an angel or invocational space - all the way to building, running and maintaining a world. It requires skill to be part of a group, from integration of Self to bringing individuals together to work as a group through its stages of chaos into alignment - allowing the expression and abilities of each in service of the needs of a greater whole. This amulet also facilitates connection with Amenhotep - a prolific builder in ancient Egypt - with alien origin.

First learn how to move, organize your settings and view, so when you start building, you'll see things properly. You will need inventory management. Get things out of there that don't belong there and won't serve you - which are probably way more than you know. You will need to know where things go that you take in in various ways.

As with the tools E.J. Gold makes available, they are never "just" about the ordinary physical world - or, in this case, building. As below, so above - and the image of a thing is like the thing itself.