Amulet Attributes

Awareness, Self Observation, Courage, Curiosity, Empathy, Compassion, Willingness To Learn, Truth, Transformation, Self-responsibility, Creativity, Happiness, Abundance, Joy, Win-win-win, Divine Love, Relaxation, Health, Energy, Radiance, Agency, Ability To Function, Service.

The Indicator Amulet

Price: $425

Sale: $295

"Never make a wrong move again."

The Indicator, so named by E.J. Gold, is an ally in self observation, stopping destructive behaviors and thought patterns not aligned with higher evolution, regulating one’s nervous system, recognizing untrue and limiting beliefs and shifting into a different way of being – one that expresses the deeper, real, authentic you.

It is especially for those who are tired of acting out of control or wonder, after having experienced insights and amazing states of being, why nonetheless in the stress of everyday life they see themselves falling back into old and often self destructive ways of being in life….and who really want to change that. Imagine feeling authentically confident, safe and joyously alive in your body, deeply connected to your value, being able to be present to the here and now in a way that enables you to manifest your unique self into the world in all its beauty and fullness.

You have the opportunity to play a conscious and a very active part in the process of working with this gem of a transformation tool and The Indicator is also called The Indicator PWOS ( Practical Work on Self)

How to work with The Indicator in 5 Steps:

  1. – Identify behaviors or actions, thought patterns, beliefs or attitudes which you no longer want to embody and manifest but you are in the habit of doing.
  2. – Notice when going on about your life and you observe yourself engaging in that habit or behavior, imagine The Indicator light going on red. Put your hand on the amulet and …
  3. – Stop, just like you would if you were driving a car and came to a red light….just stop – and go somewhere. Just be still/quiet for 3 minutes, holding the amulet and tuning into a different frequency, shifting into a more relaxed, spacious and free state of Being. Take as long as needed, and that may be the only action you need to take to loosen the identification. Tuning into the alpha vibration is powerful all by itself. To more permanently move into a different, higher vibration of living, you can engage in the process in a deeper way.
  4. – Investigate like a detective.
    • Holding the amulet, notice all the sensations going on in your body. Refocus, pay attention and become curious.
    • How are you breathing? Is there pain, tightness, agitation, trembling – whatever it is.
    • What actually happened?
    • Notice your thoughts. What are you thinking? Caught in a loop?Thinking: this always happens, they or I never….He/she always …” I am never good enough, better do it myself, they don’t care about me…things like that.
    • Just notice what you say about yourself and others/the world and the actions and words that follow.
    • Ask yourself: what is really going on with me? What am I feeling? Ask it again and a third time, listening deeper each time. Feel what there is to be felt.
    • What is the sensation in my body now?
    • Connect the self that might be afraid or angry or sad, feeling unloved, unwanted, alone, invisible, too much …connect that self with the greater part of you that can be there and observe, hold the space and extend empathy and compassion as you would with a child, a best friend or animal you loved. Where there is empathy, there is no shame, and curiosity and judgment or lack cannot exist at the same time.
  5. – Move – towards connection, nourishment, creativity.
    • You could simply continue to hold the amulet until you feel calmed down and more relaxed, refocussed and then move out into the world again.
    • No longer so activated and feeling more like yourself again, you can again be creative or see the humor in it all. You are able to see things in a different light and from different perspectives and maybe be able to talk it out. Reconnected to your calmer self and its intention, you can use gratitude for this moment and engage with life in a positive way again. Be good to yourself.
    • You can also deepen this part of the process and more actively connect with your body.
    • What does my body want to do that isn’t hurting anyone? Dancing out whatever the emotions are, putting on a certain type of music, hitting a pillow, crying, apologizing, going for a walk, hug your dog or cat, play or wrestle, call a friend, write down everything absolutely unfiltered on a piece of paper and destroy that paper, do a self hug, or decide it is time to get someone to help. Whatever it is that moves the energy and deactivates your more primitive nervous system. Intentionally connect with something in your environment.

About The Process

Just a word on the primitive or early nervous system, the fight, flight and freeze responses. It is simply an earlier form in our evolution and served first reptilians and then mammals very well to survive. Unfortunately having those mechanisms triggered because of some beliefs taken on in early childhood now resulting in chronic stress and conditioning and not actual tigers in the bushes is not healthy or helpful. It actually has become quite destructive.

This process takes practice and as with many things in life, practice makes you masterful. To be honest, the process does require you to look at yourself unflinchingly, to take 100% responsibility for your part, no matter how small, in any situation and it requires both a willingness and ability to self-reflect. Eventually you will be able to recognize situations as they lead up to the most escalated form and will be able to recognize them, slow down and stop them earlier. It requires courage and patience and persistence.

Moving through a certain phase of development, you will learn to say no, speak up, take care of yourself as well as (and not only) others, clarify what it is that is important to you, what you value and act in alignment with your highest values. You will no longer allow yourself or others to misuse you, you can maintain self respect and dignity. You will be able to stand in your truth.

Since you are learning something new and are engaged in a process of growth, it might not always be perfect, and that is okay!

You will not be able to change others, but you can change what you do and how you feel, what you think and hold true and what you will walk away from. You will not allow others to steal your attention or your time. You might need to learn a few things about being in the world differently, like a simple realization and skill that to listen, reflect back and validate someone’s experience does not mean you agree with them.

As you befriend all the shadow parts of yourself, you will notice a shift in how you see others. There will be more patience and generosity and understanding. You will become aware of so much and your capacity to face what is inside you will greatly increase. Your capacity to feel will greatly increase. Your heart will be opening more and more. There will be glimpses of loving unconditionally. Nothing and no one is excluded. Understanding replaces the need to forgive. Not needing to hide anything frees up energy for creativity. Relaxation will have beneficial results for your body-mind.

You will see what your patterns, attitudes and behavioral habits have been costing you and others up until now. You can see what you need to let go of and what to invite instead. You will be able to face the parts you’d rather never have become aware of, and also connect with your unique brilliance and gift of being. You will touch the lives of others differently. You will be able to recreate yourself new moment to moment, no longer stuck and confined by old patterns from the past.

Your passion for the present will create a perfect future.

EJ Gold says: You are learning to have a great day, no matter what happens.

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