Healing Waters CQR w/ Rope Bezel

Healing Waters with Rope Bezel

Price $175

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Introducing the Healing Waters Amulet in its new quarter sized, sterling silver, rope edged bezel - a stunning piece that unlocks your heart's potential to feel compassion in a profound way. With this deep sense of empathy, you can take the right actions that flow effortlessly like the purest water from a spring. The amulet's nourishing and purifying properties allow for growth and beauty, with no discrimination towards anyone it touches.

By wearing the Healing Waters Amulet, you can strengthen your resolve for the right course of action, guided by a greater understanding of what is healthy in any situation. This amulet embodies a vision of radiance and wellness for all living beings, reflecting the lifeblood that flows within us and our connection to the earth.

Let the Healing Waters Amulet be a reminder of your connection to all things and your capacity to make a positive impact on those who are suffering. Together, we can support a world where compassion and healthy choices flourish. Order your Healing Waters Amulet today and unlock your heart's true potential.

Based on reports and real life stories from people using the Healing Waters CQR Amulet, you can expect:

  • Opens the consciousness to different worlds
  • Supports right choice and action
  • Opens a connection with nature
  • Mystical powers

Read what our satisfied customers have to say:

I got the Healing Waters amulet two days ago. This amulet "knows where to go". It is almost a friend, or a part of me; it is natural, and naturally here. It is definitely a healing amulet, as I can feel all the parts of the whole moving towards one place, a place of light. I can wear it all the time, the strength is just right. Thank you for this piece of magic! It seems my waking life is improving and clarifying, quieter thoughts and subtle guidance. And then there are my dreams... N.T."

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