Guardian Angel

Price: $275.00

The Guardian Angel Amulet connects you with your guardian angel, or, more correctly, guardian angels, as there is usually more than one guardian angel who has been with you since you were a soul before coming to earth.

Guardian angels accompany human beings throughout their lifetime. They are with you not only for protection, but also guidance in all areas of life. They know you in your purest form, they know your soul's mission and accompany you on your earthly journey, always ready to assist you, never forcing you in any way.

Do you wish a closer connection with your guardian angels, to call on them and their help? If you long for or are ready to accept the guidance of your guardian angels, willing to trust them and live with a deeper connection to them, this amulet is for you. Angels will let you know their guidance directly, through automatic writing, coincidences and also, they sometimes leave little signs, like unexpected feathers, cloud formations, songs and, some say, rose petals.

You might ask - how can the same amulet connect with all these different guardian angels? That is because the amulet pings guardian angels in general, but combined with the energy signature of your soul, the soul of the wearer of the amulet that is. And there is no other soul exactly like it. Wearing this amulets signals to them: "Hey, I am ready, help me, guide me, I am listening."

If you want to give your amulet to someone else after you wore it for some time, it would be best to energetically clean it first. You can do this by taking some Epsom Salts and putting the amulet on it and placing it in the sun for a few hours. This will cleanse your (or someone else's) energy signature from it.