Amulet Attributes

Alchemy, All Encompassing, All One, Awakening, Angelic, Communication, Compassion, Courage, Dissolution, Essence, Dying, Face of God, Integrity, Inner Radiance, Higher Consciousness, Visioning, Presence, Light of life, Love, Overcoming fear, Transcend, Transformation, Understanding, Way of Service

Embodied Unity

Price: $275

The Embodied Unity amulet invokes the opening to unity awareness, leading to realizing for yourself the non separateness, the oneness of the Source with all that is manifest, while being uniquely individuated in your current earthly physical form, vibrantly alive with an unshakable connection to your deepest self. Experience exquisite aliveness and a new level of creativity.

Embodied awakened presence makes possible a higher order of experience, life, work and service. It makes possible a conscious intimacy with the divine. It leads to radiance, bringing the creation to life.

On a practical level it can lead to solutions at a higher level to solve problems of the dire situation that life on earth finds itself in.

Read on for additional information on this extraordinary amulet and please do not skip the disclaimer below.

Good News:

Brane-Power came out with a new amulet, the Embodied Unity Amulet for all those who are ready to evolve, yearning to live in that deep connection with the divine while embodied here in this physical form on earth.

Do you sometimes, or maybe often, feel like this world, where change is happening so fast now, is going down the drain? So much uncertainty, so many existential disastrous situations and the pain of separation, division and environmental decline can feel overwhelming. Fear is dominating most of the world, with most people disconnected from their true self, others and nature. In the midst of it, you are just trying to make ends meet.

It certainly seems like this world could use a lot more people who are living at the edge of the next level of humanity's evolution, a much higher level that is beyond the division and drama that most of humanity lives in.

We need humans directly be in touch, connected with the source of all that is, G*D and divine Love and allowing that to guide them, run through them. After all, how was that: we are the people we've been waiting for, there is no one coming to our rescue. It is time.

This amulet facilitates opening to your intuition to be guided in your life to the circumstances or people that can help you evolve and to go deeper and deeper in understanding and embodying this truth of ONENESS as is unfolds for you.

It also facilitates awareness and dissolution of any blockages so this process of opening and being able to allow the divine energy to flow unhindered through you manifest more and more as a way of Being in your life. This will lead to actions in your life that are aligned with the highest vibrations, your not getting caught up in the drama of dualistic separation. There is a transcending effect, a new level.

The amulet also helps with courage to act on the deep intuition and divine guidance.

You may have heard this before: we are all just walking each other home. This amulet facilitates deeply embodied Presence -- this coming home, a deep peace, this quiet joy, this ever present sense of well being, no matter what happens. Visions appear and the ability to create something on a higher level develops. A deep abiding devotional Love starts to emerge and deepen. You are getting intimate with G*D.


Once the process of transformation starts using this amulet with this intention -- it may actually bring certain issues in your life or conditioned personality to the forefront and it may seem as if you are getting worse. But that is simply for you to see yourself more clearly at an even deeper level, unflinchingly embrace what happens with the light of your loving kindness and embrace, integrate, make amends if needed and then live life differently, be differently.

Persisting internal energy blockages hinder or distort the high vibrational divine flow, and the Embodied Unity amulet fosters the courage to feel and be with whatever arises in you that so far you may have looked away from, pretending it wasn't there or was not yours. Blockages can, for example, present as deeply held erroneous beliefs due to past trauma, beliefs however that are not true and therefore lead to distorted perceptions and suffering. When there are such blockages in place, the flow of highest energies will be altered in ways that reflect your feelings and choices in life as it is right now.

In Oneness, nothing is outside. As long as you see anything as outside and not you, there is separation. This is one thing the yin-yang symbol reminds us of.

This amulet helps and reminds you to orient your intention towards and feel your yearning for this unity of your separate sense self with all that is.

You could say: isn't that a paradox, Unity of all that is and being here as you?

Yes. And paradoxes are not easily accepted by the egoic mind.

Your essence being is inseparable from the Source. The manifest electromagnetic waves are flowing and are interconnected as one. However, there is a particular focal point in this field that arises out of the void that is YOU, a particular configuration of the energy circuit and flow, through which the ONE and its energies do flow AS you, and you can realize this if you are open to it. This divine flow will manifest in ways UNIQUE to your particular being and life, with a perspective unique to you.

Your Unique Self is not sensed as a separate self, but known as a Unique expression of the ONE.

What if G*D is waiting for you, yearning for this awakened YOU to see and feel and recognize her/him/it, having opened so wide that an entirely new life can happen?

Are you ready for this?