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Chakra Balancing Amulet

Price: $325

Chakra Balancing Amulet June 2023

Welcome to our latest offering, a beautifully designed Chakra Balancing Amulet. This meticulously handcrafted item is more than just a piece of jewelry - it's a powerful tool designed to aid in opening and balancing your chakras, the vital energy centers within your body.

Chakras (from Sanskrit "wheel" or disk") are the energy centers of our energy body. These energy wheels are related to, nourish and support specific nerve centers and organs in the body. In order for us to function at our best (physically, emotionally, and mentally) chakras need to be open and balanced so energy can flow freely through our system. The Chakra Balancing Amulet facilitates chakra opening/balancing.

Why is chakra balancing so important?

Our physical body is supported by our energy body. This energy body has seven primary energy centers, known as chakras, through which energy flows and gets metabolized. Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of our bodymind, specifically nerve centers and organs. Together, they affect our health and wellbeing from our basic survival instincts to our highest forms of spiritual connectivity.

When our chakras are balanced, we experience a sense of vitality, well-being, creativity, confidence, love, clarity, harmony and peace. Our physical health, emotional stability, and mental acuity are enhanced. The connection to something much larger than ourselves, the divine, is alive and intact. However, stress, fear, certain limiting beliefs, or negative energy can cause one or several chakras to become blocked or malfunctioning. When this happens, certain parts of our bodies are no longer properly supported. This eventually leads to all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms in our lives.

Especially during these challenging times and the condition humanity finds itself in, caring for our physical and energy bodies properly is more important than ever. There are of course many different ways of doing that.

Our Chakra Balancing Amulet is designed to help with chakra opening and balancing.. Crafted with intent and via very subtle frequencies through the CQR (Crystal Quantum, Radio) circuit, this amulet facilitates chakra opening and the free flow of energy throughout your body. Wearing it will serve as a constant reminder and facilitator of your pursuit of balanced chakras. You can also place the amulet over each chakra point on your body for a few minutes every day for chakra opening and balancing. Try it out in the morning and see how the day goes, or in the evening and notice the effects .

Wouldn't it be great to rediscover life with balanced chakras and unlock the path to a more vibrant, creative, confident, harmonious and connected way of being?

This is an invitation to experience the profound benefits of chakra balancing firsthand with the help of the Chakra Balancing Amulet.

As a special chakra balancing practice, you can place this amulet in each of the chakra locations in the body. Leave the amulet over the chakra for 3-5 minutes each and notice the effects. Keep doing this practice and see yourself transform.