Mini-Tesla Pendant

Price: $49.95

MINI-TESLA PENDANT -- $49.95 -- The Tesla Pendant is made precisely the same as the larger Professional Tesla Triad, but it's a lot smaller, more suitable to be worn as a pendant. This hand-crafted item features the fabulous pink Steven Sax EMO bead known as "The Weird Bead" because of its strange effects, noticeable immediately on first view. These beads are definitely odd, and their cloud-like shifting colors make them fascinating to watch, and instructive to see when placed over Meridians or on various power points. Usable by healers, this is the PENDANT OF CHOICE if you were allowed only one Pendant -- this would be your best choice. Note that this pendant requires SIX hand-wound heavy-gauge copper coils, wrapped on solid copper heavy gauge core wire, and this does add a bit of weight, but it's worth it. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE SMALLER VERSION OF THIS PENDANT.