Tantric Star Pocket Amulet Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ in Sterling Silver bezel

Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™

Tantric Star Pocket Amulet

Price: $125

Tantric Star Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Pocket Amulet, set in Sterling Silver Dollar-sized bezel.

The Tantric Star

by E.J. Gold

The body when correctly stimulated can operate as an AM radio. When stimulated by a Beta-Blocker radio device, it can be turned into what it really was intended to be -- a SuperHeterodyne Regenerative Transceiver.

Here's how I THINK it works: the tiny signals within the Beta-Blocker are not in themselves powerful enough to have a direct effect ... but they do in fact SUGGEST to the brain and nervous system how to direct and redirect the energies within by gently massaging the 7 Chakras into powerful action.

The specfic activity of the Chakras is to regulate the energies by beat frequency oscillation -- pulsing the subtle force of higher energies through a form of internal clockwork timing, a sort of psychic metronome.

It is the SAMPLE INTERVAL which determines our experience of the universe and beyond. We normally sample the universe in a beat frequency which is significantly faster when the body is young. The sampling becomes less frequent as the body ages.

This is like time-lapse photography. The faster and more often a sample is taken, the more time will seem to slow down. The wider the gap between samples, the more time will seem to speed up.

Deep delta meditation is produced by the triggering effect which slows the mind down -- the opposite of the martial arts "Zone" effect of speeding things up so actions can be followed and anticipated and fast incoming strikes can be parried and countered.

The deep delta state makes time seem to slow down and even stand still. Sound, light and other effect phenomena will definitely be altered by this deep meditative state, and when the meditation is over, little or no time will seem to have passed in the interval between normal state, meditative state and resumption of normal state.

Any Zen monk can verify this effect, and the Dalai Lama has commented extensively on the subject of time alteration as a result of deep levels of meditation.

Using the Tantric Star Beta-Blocker, the Deep Delta State can be achieved in just a few moments, eliminating the months and years of training normally required to achieve the Deep Delta.

Deep Delta IV, the Blackout Stage which forms a curtain, a Cloud of Unknowing, between states of consciousness, can be penetrated through conscious passage between the Delta States. This is easily achieved by the use of the Tantric Star Beta-Blocker when properly applied and when it is used with the guidance of the Tantric Star Induction.

Each partner may wear the Tantric Star on a headband around the cranium, aligning the Tantric Star to the 6th Chakra at the spot on the forehead between the eyes in the so-called "Third Eye" position.

One partner lies in corpse position, facing upward. The legs are straight to begin with and then bent upward at the knee when the meditation begins -- the signal for this is given in the meditation induction.

The other partner or partners will be seated over the lower partner on their knees, the upper body resting quietly in the erect position. Hands may be placed on breasts or hips of the partner or partners, although they may also weave themselves into a variety of gestures and mudras or hand and arm movements.

At this point, one allows the induction to point the path -- the crystal radio signals are indirectly employed by the 6th Chakra to stimulate much more powerful internal trans-Chakra rhythms and pulsations, which in turn suggest patterns of cosmic order related to the Cosmic Background Radiation of the Big Bang received as static within the radio waves processed by the Beta-Blocker device.

The Chakras do all the work, as suggested by the patterns and rhythms of the twin-tuned static within the Beta-Blocker worn on the head. Simply relax and let the induction help you harness the powerful energies and guide you through the Cosmic Consciousness Experience called the Waking State.

Have a Tantric Star Date with your favorite boyfriend or girlfriend and experience the thrill of many lifetimes!

"We are having so much fun working with our new Beta Blocker Tantric Box that you guys put out. The connection is so amazing. My energy level is way up, my interactions with others seem to be more fun. I just feel so much more open and free." -- Betheny R., Fort Wayne, IN

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