Photo of Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions book cover
Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions by Brane-Power® Founder E.J. Gold. Cover photo by Christiane Wolters

Advanced Beacon Training Manual

Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions

RESTRICTED to those involved in Advanced Beacon Training. Call for more info: 530-271-2239

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Trade paperback. 120 pages.

Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions is the training manual for advanced Beacon™ work. According to the Introduction, "Without Beacon Work, none of the events in Parallel World DayTripping will have any significance or application.

"With the Beacon Work at your back, you are now able to actually apply theese basic principles learned in the induction state to the experiences that are in store for you."

From Author & Brane-Power® founder E.J. Gold:

In order to make excursions into another dimension, it is necessary to fully transition. Our current life in the HomeWorld is like riding on a bus. Suppose you are traveling along a boulevard. You have traveled this route for many years and you know it well. Even though you are thoroughly tired of the same old routine, and you are well aware that it all leads to a Dead End at the Terminal, you cannot easily bring yourself to leave the protective comfort of your Always Bus, The Bus You Always Take. It is a powerful struggle to leave its protective cocoon and go out the exit onto the cold, wet, windy street outside the bus. Yet somehow, you manage.

Then, finally, along comes the crosstown bus and you board it hesitantly. Who knows what it will be like on this bus? The driver is different, the passengers are different, and the route is different. If you hope to survive this journey, you must also become different from what you once were and grow into the differentness that is this crosstown bus.

Life Stream changes don't just happen. They are made. If you remain as you have always been, you will surely reap what you have always gotten. Real change does not come from outside, but from within. The Advanced Training Course is designed to bring about change from within, which can result in powerful Life Stream change .... From the Introduction by E.J. Gold