Testimonials about the SuperBeacon

After the Beacon Session I felt completely relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and happy. I felt that my whole consciousness had been expanded and there is a new dimension available in me now. My energy is excellent, 4 hours after the session . I'm feeling more vibrant and stronger than before the session. My outlook is more positive and flexible and I look forward to the rest of the day. Optimistic and fluid would describe my new mood and more confident than usual. Thank you!

-- L.N., Penn Valley, CA

Hello Yanesh, it was nice to talk to you yesterday. Here is my attempt to give a written comment about my results with the Beacon: I started to do the levels in January and keep doing it almost every day. I quite like the time with the beacon, I also use the Meditation inductions as I need them. Lucid dreaming helped me to gain more control in my dreams, few times I woke myself up when the dream was disturbing and somehow I knew that what I heard in the dream was not true! I am using wellness a lot now, that I have some health issues, it is helping me to feel good and energetic. I hear myself laugh more, crack more jokes, I even occasionally invent a joke.....and many of the things that used to seriously bother me don't seem to bother me. I am more focused on my vision, I am able to manifest more, recently attracted new friends who seem more compatible with me. I am more adventurous: did two openings for my retrospective art show and also played piano in public, also sang my own songs....and received very good feedback. It feels as if I am discovering more of myself every day, also how I sabotage myself. I live a very full life now (as if in a somewhat higher gear) and I know that I still have some barriers to go through. One day, right after Beacon I did my soprano practice and, these days I always have to transpose my Italian songs some 2 tones down to be able to sing the high notes. This time I forgot to transpose and I just sang; my voice was full, soft, high as it used to be before, even nicer, more mature. Only later I noticed that I did not transpose......for me this was a straight miracle! There are other things, more subtle....Anyway, it helps me to stay more focused, tranquil . I also keep wearing my amulets. Thank you for these tools! Oh, and I seem to be able to be more useful to others , to support them in healing or discovery or just fun.

My love to all of you.....Zora