A SuperBeacon Add-on

Price: $500.00

The Overthruster is an add-on to the Super Beacon & The Portable enabling hands-free use.

The unit is plugged in the front of the Super Beacon & The Portable, temporarily replacing the crystal grippers.

The Overthruster allows for hands-free use of the Super Beacon while running orbs, making art, playing music, performing yoga, tai chi, the Movements, or other activities that require the use of hands.

The effects of the Super Beacon are extended to a radius of about 9 feet when the Overthruster is plugged in.

E.J. has suggested that Super Beacon users may wish to repeat the induction trainings using the Overthruster in place of the crystal grippers (along with the Pineal Pinger add-on).

.I love the Overthruster. I leave it plugged in when I am working and running orbs, and when I.m away from the house. Although the effect does not feel as strong as when using the crystal grippers, I can sense the familiar influence of the Super Beacon in the room when the Overthruster is plugged in." -- A.B.

Super Beacon shown with grippers in place and with Overthruster Add-On replacing the grippers.