About Brane-Power Technology

This combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being") is the registered invention of E.J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, "Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy".

The SuperBeacon™ is more than a Beacon™, more than a Zone Box™, more than a Cleanser/Charger, more than a Ghost Hunter, more than a dowser, more than a Spirit Radio and includes all of these.

Use the SuperBeacon™ for your Parallel Universe Personae Integrations. Use it for your Zone Box™ Inductions. Put it by your bedside.

The Black Tourmalines make for an incredible Cleanser/Charger effect.

Portal Money Clip

Portal Money Clip

Price: $500

The Portal Beta-Blocker CQR Crystal Quantum Radio Money Clip opens portals.

Portal Money Clip Beta Blocker, set in Sterling Silver, dollar-sized bezel. The Portal Amulet capacitors come in assorted shades of blue.

Portal CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet on Sterling Silver Money Clip

This Beta-Blocker CQR - Crystal Quantum Radio™ Amulet is tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this Quantum Device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.

E.J. Gold's Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

What People are Saying ...

In the first few minutes of holding it my heart center became very warm. Vision was diffused. Mind rested on breath very comfortably. Social mask was off. Sensing was very active. Very positive experience. -- B.L., Vancouver, BC

"Wore the Portal Ammy into the City and we not only got a parking place right in front of the building where our craft fair was being held -- unheard of in NYC -- but we were also inexplicably helped out to use the Restricted Elevator, when other crafters were made to take 8 flights of stairs!" -- G.A., New Paltz, NY

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