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Lots of Amulets from our most popular Prosperity and the always-on-sale Classic, to the really powerful Double Black Diode or the esoteric Quantum Witch. Lots more ... Need help selecting which is right for you? Click here ...

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The Zone Box

More "down to earth" than the Beacons, the Zone Box uses the Crystal Quantum Radio technology to handle life issues such as Relationship, Wellness, Prosperity, Worry, Self-esteem, True love, Energizer, Lucid dreaming, Inner beauty, Psychic self-defense, and Spirit guides. Click here . . .

photo founder E.J. Gold's book, Parallel Worlds Explored


Read what Brane-Power®e founder E.J. Gold has to say about discovering the benefits of Crystal Quantum Radio technology while building a 19th century style radio to show a student, what those benefits are, "going where no one has gone before" using the CQR technology, and much more .... For advanced work, see Gold's book, Parallel Worlds DayTripper Excursions.

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Hip Hip Array!

More and more folks are wearing more and more ammies. Find out why. Find out how they choose ...

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All they are saying ...

Testimonials. Take a listen to what folks are saying about their Amulets and Beacons. Pretty impressive.

photo of array of CQR - Crystal Quantum Amulets

Workin' It

Beacons can connect you with parallel worlds, your own alternate selves, your past or future lives. Dream lucid. The possibilities are many. Expand your world.

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The Outer Limits ...

Astral travel, akashic intiation, parallel worlds, parallel universe personae .. blogs, books and testimonials on where you can take this technology ...

photo of array of CQR - Crystal Quantum Amulets

Which One? Which One? ...

How to choose an amulet? Use your intuition! If you still don't know, here's a Select-o-matic chart using some of the attributes of the various amulets.