Trainer Matrix Hardware

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What is a Trainer Matrix?

Simple Answer

A trainer is a tool specially constructed to enhance and direct the experience of the Matrix interface.

Extended Answer

A trainer is a composition of CQRs that works as a connecting device between yourself and the Matrix "mainframe".

Using a trainer will probably lift you to the next level -- the trainer will work best if considered as an artifact and placed on an altar.

It's also a piece of artwork that can be enjoyed for its aesthetic appearance.

I think of the trainer as a way to connect with assisting forces and repogram my future and afterlife.


"A matrix is an indepensible shamanic device - with time you will treat it as a living entity used with the matrix interface and a superbeacon just powers it all up."

"using the matrix always gives another perspecitive - sometimes there is definitely a conscious presence coming though the matrix it will actually 'call me up' to give guidiance"

More to the Story

A good definition is found in the early 26th Century dictionary (sixth version).

"A trainer was an initiating attempt by those ancestors living in the frame fk699f to re-establish lasting contact with central headquarters to ensure that the great cosmic mother was distributed correctly.

In its early form, it consisted of a set of CQRs; in its later form, it manifested as coated sediments at the bottom of the spine. This did, however, not appear before in the late 23rd Century.