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Beta-Blocker Spirit Radio Test Run #1

The idea behind EJ Gold's Beta-Blocker Spirit Radio is that it's designed to suppress beta brain waves, which allows the psychic-intuitive alpha and theta states to surface.

The Spirit Radio works without any external electricity, using the power of the resonating antenna/ground relationship and a few simple crystal radio parts to generate an audio signal.

Of course, throwing danger to the wind and risking all, I had to modify the Spirit Radio to see what it could do. I hooked it up to the iMac computer sound-in port, and to an external 25' antenna.

Then, I used a software program that can alter and record the sound made by the Spirit Radio in real time. The frequency/pitch and other variables can be changed with interesting results.

BTW...one is advised not to operate heavy machinery while under the influence of a Spirit Radio. (hehe)